Tube Laser Cutting

Fast, accurate and consistent, our two TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 7000’s are capable of cutting a wide variety of tubes and profiles, with wall thicknesses of up to 15mm. The TruFlow Series CO2 laser and high-quality cutting data produce the best possible results for every cut.

Maximum Wall Thickness Tube Material Length Finished Part Length Work Peice Weight
Stainless Steel - 10mm 10m max 9.8m max 37.5 kg/m
Mild Steel - 15mm 10m max 9.8m max 7.5 kg/m
Aluminium - 6.33mm 10m max 9.8m max 7.5 kg/m

Tube Laser Cutting Profiles

Our Trulaser 7000’s are able to process a wide variety of profiles.

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