Custom Fabrication


Laser & Press will take any challenge given when it comes to custom stainless fabrication. Anything we can design, we can make. Feel free to contact us on 02 4728 6111

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services-designAt Laser and Press we not only offer you fast and reliable cutting and folding services we offer a wide range of other services from machining to CAD design. We can help you through the design process of your product before it goes into production offering peace of mind that the product will function to its best capability.

Our onscreen 3D bend simulator means we can go through the bend process on screen before we have even cut any material. Eliminating trial and error on raw material and ensuring the most accurate and time effective way possible to bend your product.

All our software is integrated with our production machinery so what we see onscreen is what will be produced in our factory minimizing risk of human error.



Welding Polishing & Finishes Rolling
TIG Galvanising Sheet Metal
MIG Powder Coating Tube
CMT Grit Blasting Flat
MMAW (Stick) Zinc Plating Angle
Spot Satin & Commercial




On-site installation and on-site welding is managed by our expert team of builders and fabricators.


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