Product Design

Our Industrial Design team can help you through the design process of your product to ensure the product functions to its best capability.

With our extensive suite of design tools, we provide 3D model designs to confidently realise your concepts.

Rules based engineering is one of our specialties and forms part of this product design process. This allows a single production template to be generated for the creation of further or similar products with all configurable variables, saving you valuable time.

Materials Processing

Our extensive range of equipment means we are able to process parts of a wide variety of materials, profiles and thicknesses.


GR 250-450, Chromoly, Gal, Zinc,
Stainless Steel
Wear Resistant Steel
Speciality Alloys
Any ferrous / non ferrous material


Wood Products
Composites such Alucobond

Robotic Laser Welding

Opie Group is proud to announce that we are now offering large scale robotic welding services, making us the only manufacturing company in the southern hemisphere to do so.

With our state-of-the-art TruLaser Weld 5000 and expert team, we can produce high-quality welds at an unprecedented speed, saving you time and money on your manufacturing projects.

The next step in modern, automated manufacturing in Australia, the TruLaser Weld makes it possible to create fine weld points of just a millimeter in diameter in an instant, to producing deep-welded seams stretching over several meters.

Component Length Max Loading
XL Size Cabin 8250 mm x 4800 mm x 3200mm -
Rotate & Tilt Positioner 2000 mm x 1000 mm x 700mm 400kg
Rotary Table 1600 mm x 800 mm x 1200mm 250kg
Turnover Positioner 4000 mm x 1500 mm x 1000mm 1000kg
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Hand Held Laser Welding

Opie Group now offers hand held laser welding as a service. Our Lightweld hand held laser welder is the ideal solution for customers looking for a fast and efficient welding method for small scale and intricate applications.

This service is particularly beneficial for customers where precision and speed are critical. Lightweld technology allows for faster production times, reduced material waste, and increased product quality.

Laser & Punch Technology

Our “Combo” is a versatile machine with sophisticated laser cutting, forming and punching technology. It’s powerful punching head and laser guarantee high turnaround and excellent quality.

For sensitive materials, which must not have any scratches underneath, we use a brush table combined with the descending die, the only company in Australia to do so.

Multiple Features & Finishes

 With the slim laser head of a TruMatic, we can cut very near to, or even on, forms which have already been created. You can also achieve unusual contours with process reliability.

The Trumatic 6000 can process sheets up to 8mm thick with a wide range of features including tapping, countersinking, roller offsetting, weld positioning and louvre tooling.

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Laser Cutting

Opie Manufacturing sports a wide variety of laser cutting machines, able to process varied shapes, widths and materials. All of our machines are available 20 hours a day, 6 days a week.

5030 6KW Fiber 5030 8KW Fiber 5040 6KW
Max Weight 1100kg 1100kg 3200kg
Mild Steel 25mm 25mm 25mm
Stainless Steel 25mm 40mm 25mm
Aluminium 25mm 25mm 16mm
Copper 10mm 10mm -
Brass 10mm 10mm -

Tube Laser Cutting

Fast, accurate and consistent, our two TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 7000’s are capable of cutting a wide variety of tubes and profiles, with wall thicknesses of up to 15mm. The TruFlow Series CO2 laser and high-quality cutting data produce the best possible results for every cut.

Maximum Wall Thickness Tube Material Length Finished Part Length Work Peice Weight
Stainless Steel - 10mm 10m max 9.8m max 37.5 kg/m
Mild Steel - 15mm 10m max 9.8m max 7.5 kg/m
Aluminium - 6.33mm 10m max 9.8m max 7.5 kg/m

Tube Laser Cutting Profiles

Our Trulaser 7000’s are able to process a wide variety of profiles.

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Our machines ensure the most accurate and time effective method possible to bend your product. We bend a wide array of metal lengths with accuracy, speed and reliability via our TruBend 7030, 7036, 5170 and 5230.

These machines are able to be fully programmed with complex bending instructions and minimal downtime, allowing metal folding to progress quick, effeciently and with a high degree of quality and accuracy.

7030 7036 5170 5230
Max Tonnage - 36 tonnes 170 tonnes 230 tonnes
Bending Length 3123mm 1020mm 4250mm 4250mm

Australia’s Most Extensive Tooling Range

Opie Manufacturing have invested significantly in our tooling range, allowing us to carry out complex folds and bends with ease and all under one roof.

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Manual Welding & Assembly

When laser welding is not suitable, we offer comprehensive manual welding and assembly services including: TIG, MIG, CMT, MMAW, Spot & Stud. By providing these services all under one roof, it allows us to rapidly assemble items for shipment.

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Milling & Machining

We can produce a wide variety of precision parts on our CNC milling & lathe machines. We offer a complete milling and machining service, providing add-on and custom components for assembly.

This makes it possible to obtain your supply of manufactured good entirely from Opie Manufacturing.

Bending & Rolling

 We provide comprehensive bending and rolling services for plate, sheet, tube and section.

Pre-Bending Capacity Rolling Capacity Diameter of Top and Bottom Roll Diameter of Side Rolls
3000mm x 4mm 3000mm x 7mm 205mm 160mm
1550mm x 6mm 1550mm x 6mm 160mm
1220 x 3mm 60mm


Our custom made, large format CNC Router can handle sizes up to 6.5m x 2.2m and can process materials including:
Aluminium up to 25mm, Timber, Acrylic and other plastics, Nylon & composites up to 40mm.

Custom Inserts & Fasteners

Our Pemserter is able to install a wide variety of self clinching fasteners, studs nuts, custom inserts and more, allowing rapid assembly and project completion once components have been manufactured.

Polishing & Deburring

Precise deburring, polishing and finishing with a capacity up to 900mm wide with the Grindingmaster 2200 series.

Laser Marking

Every part we produce can be labeled, numbered or coded utilising our TruMark 5000 marking machine, whether it be metal, plastic or wood.

Our expert operators and designer are able to cater to a varity of projects and requirements, with a focus on accuracy and quality.

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Powder Coating

Opie Manufacturing operates a state of the art powder coating facility in Emu Plains. High quality powder coated finishes can be applied to all metals, including aluminium, mild steel (raw, zinc or galvanised) and stainless steel.

We have the capacity to handle project large and small, offering rapid lead times and competitive rates. Our state of the art powder coating line features the following technology: 

  • Six stage pre-treatment, with environmentally friendly chromate free technology
  • Automatic and manual powder application for improved efficiency
  • Cyclonic powder recovery system to optimise powder yield 
  • Closed loop water regeneration system with zero waste water produced.

Maximum Capacity

Weight: 150 kilograms per metre

Length: 4600 mm

Height: 1800mm

Width: 700mm

Warranties & Accreditation

We are approved applicators of leading Australian powder coat suppliers Akzo Nobel (Interpon) and Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings.

Where required, powder coating warranties of up to 20 years can be provided.

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Heavy Equipment Hire

Our Caterpillar 315F Excavator is a productive and versatile solution for medium duty applications and space restricted areas and is available.

Our Caterpillar 259D Compact Track Loader is a highly versatile, powerful and effective machine with a wide variety of uses, accessories and capabilities.

Accessories include:

  • Utility Broom BU118
  • Forks
  • Auger A14BAuger Bit 457 / 305
  • PR50 Post Rammer
  • Brushcutter
  • Mulcher.
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UAV Inspection, Footage & Services

Our DJI drone fleet has a wide variety of capabilities. We employ trained and certified remote aircraft pilots and can provide a complete service including: Photography, videography, building, solar & site Inspections, mapping, surveying & more.

Our DJI drones are able to record video up to 4K/60FPS. Due to our extensive remote aircraft certifications we are able to fly in restricted airspace, near buildings, people and vehicles where other pilots would otherwise be restricted.

As drone technology is becoming increasingly streamlined and accessible, a variety of industries are adopting drones into their workflows to dramatically increase efficiency. Simply put, drones are changing how businesses operate by reducing costs, saving time, improving safety, and providing a direct ROI.

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Geo-spatial Laser Scanning

In order to create accurate digital models of products, environments and structures, we employ high defenition LIDAR scanning technology. Our Leica BLK360 is a portable laser reality capture solution that generates a full 3D representation of any space in just minutes.

By combining 3D point cloud technology with panoramic photography, the BLK360 creates a full 3D representation with precision measurements, full color rendering, and even thermal imaging. Utilising this, we are able to digitise objects and areas with precision and efficiency reducing the time taken to import models into our system.

Packaging & Delivery

Our premises offer storage of raw materials and pick up or delivery of finished products with our own transport. Packed as they come off the product line, so products remain in the best possible condition.
On site installation and on site welding is managed by our expert team of builders and fabricators.

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