Sommerville Circuit

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Project Scope

Opie Manufacturing Group submitted and won a conforming tender for industrial factory units.

A 3D model of the building was developed so any issues between architectural design and construction could be ironed out well before manufacturing began.

Materials Used

  • Structural steel

Time frame

This project involved 90 hours of detailing which was within budget. The factory units were up and built within six weeks after approval of the final model – with a total size of 1000 square metres.


“We were able to sit down with the builder and go through and develop a 3D working model for the job before we even started manufacturing. This meant we could deliver a nil variation job, which was of highest importance for the builder which meant everything came together seamlessly on site.

Once the working model was complete, we could get all the steel fab work pre-fabricated with confidence before anything was built on site. Concrete panels went up in three days, then the steel work. Within two weeks, they were at lock up. The builder was really happy with this time frame and the nil variance delivered.

Following on from the success of this project was the construction of the luxury pool side cabana at the owners private residence.”

– Tristan Opie, Managing Director, Opie Manufacturing Group.