Sculptures: Commissioned Artwork


Project Scope

Brisbane Airport required decorative butterflies for their atrium. Opie Manufacturing Group worked with Axolotl to fabricate their design, while Axolotl assembled on site. The butterflies were assembles with leather straps so that they moved with the breeze.

Auburn Memorial Park required a peace lily water feature. They provided a verbal idea and budget while Opie Manufacturing Group delivered the design, materials, manufacturing and on-site assembly.

Chace Manhattan Bank required a large sculpture for their offices. This design resembled the changing stages of the moon. Manufacturing and on site assembly was required for this project.

The following commissioned artwork projects required working within existing design ideas, budget and timing constraints.

Materials Used

  • Stainless steel laser cut
  • Mirror polished stainless


“The designers across these projects enjoyed working with us because we could translate their concept into designs and then manufacture the product, so they felt they were in control the whole time.”

– Martyn Billiards, Industrial Designer, Opie Manufacturing Group.

“The client is ecstatic – this was the first time we have ever worked for her and she has already specified us for the next job which is what we wanted. Thanks so much for all your help, you are very customer focused and a pleasure to work with.”

– Kris Torma, Axolotl group. (For Brisbane Airport project)