Heritage Listed Beresford Hotel


Project Scope

Opie Manufacturing Group were required to design and manufacture multiple building elements such as: a facade curtain wall that also doubled as an acoustic screen, corten facade walls, customised urinals, backlit basins, outdoor seating, chairs, customised lighting, wine rack, handrails, balustrades, bar framing, bar fit out, stainless steel fire rated door frames and operable walls.

Opie Manufacturing Group were required to work within the existing heritage design at the Beresford Hotel, the extension had to blend in and meet strict heritage building guidelines.

3D model designs were created from an architectural sketch to confirm the design met the architects and building requirements before manufacturing began.

The project was managed by Opie Manufacturing Group from sketch and CAD Design, through to on site construction.

Materials Used

  • Hot zinc sprayed mild steel
  • Stainless steel flat sheet and round bar
  • Custom designed glass fitted and glazed
  • Copper, brass and aluminium


The total project value was $3m over 2.5 years.


“The installed products, manufactured furniture and building elements all blended really well in to the heritage building style. The designer was very pleased with the outcome. The reason the designed worked with us was because of our design capabilities. We could turn the designers crayon sketches into a 3D working model design. From there, the designer could really visualise how all building elements would turn out. So they immediately has confidence in what we could do.”

– Martyn Billiards, Industrial Designer, Opie Manufacturing Group.