Sanistall Urinal | SCU2 (SCU2)

Sanistall Urinal


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  • Enhanced hygiene by use of a wide trough with radiused internal corners and a stand on grate
  • Better washroom maintenance – set flush with floor so you “wash down” into the sanistall. Eliminate a floor waste
  • Improved safety by reduction in wet floors
  • Less wear & tear on adjacent floors by reduced acid transfer on footwear
  • Fitted with the “cascade” flush chamber which incorporates an “evenflow” mechanism for an efficient flush
  • Can also be floor mounted
  • Custom made – length & layout to suit your building
  • Watermark certified
  • WELS Approved
  • Cisterns or low volume electronic flush valves
  • Exposed or concealed water entry
  • End panels for exposed ends – SCU2EP
  • Joining strip to join more than one urinal together – SCU2JS
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