At OPIE Manufacturing Group, we are honoured to stand by Josh Bell on his extraordinary journey
towards excellence in shooting sports. As we celebrate his recent triumph in securing a spot among
elite athletes for the Australian Skeet shooting Team in Paris, OPIE Manufacturing Group was
delighted to make a donation of commitment to supporting him as he prepares for the pinnacle of
international competition in Paris 2024.

Josh’s passion for clay target shooting traces back to a childhood dream shared with his father at age
12. His dedication and perseverance have propelled him closer than ever towards realizing his
aspirations. Reflecting on past setbacks as stepping stones, including narrowly missing out on
previous selections, Josh has embraced every challenge as an opportunity for growth.
Acknowledging that family stands at the core of his priorities amidst sporting pursuits, OPIE
Manufacturing Groupas a family business has donated $2550 towards covering essential aspects
such as:

  • Equipment expenses
  • Training costs including coaching fees
  • Travel expenditures
  • Competition-related outlays

This contribution aims to alleviate financial burdens ensuring that Josh’s focus remains steadfastly on
performance excellence without compromise. We believe in empowering individuals like Josh who
exemplify dedication, passion, and perseverance.

You Can Support Josh


If you wish to support Josh, you can do so – as much of his time away he need help to persue this goal for Australia  

Together, let us continue supporting Josh Bell’s
pursuit of excellence beyond boundaries.

OPIE Manufacturing Group

Did you know?

Shooting has been an Olympic sport since the first modern Games in Athens in 1896.

Here’s all you need to know about the sport at Paris 2024.

Preparations for Paris 2024

As part of preparations leading up to Paris 2024, where top-tier athletes will converge at The Chateauroux Shooting Centre, the stage is set for an unparalleled display of skill and determination. Inaugurated by the French Shooting Federation in 2018, this unique venue stands out as one of Europe’s largest facilities equipped with multiple shooting ranges capable of hosting all shooting events during this prestigious occasion. A significant addition made in 2022, a new “finals” building enhances its capabilities further, enabling it to host international pistol and rifle finals – making it home to all indoor shooting finals during this monumental event. 


Shooting Schedule and Venue at Paris 2024

The shooting events at the Paris 2024 Olympics will take place from 27 July to 5 August at the Chateauroux Shooting Centre, located 140 miles south of Paris.

A total of 15 shooting medal events will be contested, including:

  • Skeet (Women’s/Men’s/Mixed Team) <<< Josh will be competing in this event

Scoring and Rules in Shooting

Olympic shooting comprises three disciplines: rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Rifle and pistol events occur on shooting ranges, with targets set at distances of 10m, 25m, and 50m. Competitors shoot from three positions: kneeling (one knee down with the elbow resting on the other knee), prone, and standing. Some events require athletes to shoot from all three positions.

Precision is key, and shooters employ relaxation techniques to steady their heartbeat and aim for the bullseye. Shotgun events differ significantly, as they are conducted outdoors. Competitors shoot at flying disc-shaped targets launched from various angles and directions. This discipline demands acute concentration, quick decision-making, and sharp reflexes.

Olympic Skeet Shooting

Olympic Skeet Shooting is one of the exciting disciplines in the sport of shooting, and it falls under the shotgun category. Unlike rifle and pistol events, which take place on shooting ranges with stationary targets, skeet shooting is conducted outdoors and involves hitting moving targets.

The Basics of Skeet Shooting

The Field:

  • The skeet shooting field consists of a semicircular arrangement with eight shooting stations.
  • There are two trap houses: the High House (on the left) and the Low House (on the right). These houses launch the clay targets (also called “clays” or “pigeons”).

The Targets:

  • The targets are small, disc-shaped clays that are launched into the air from the trap houses.
  • The High House launches targets from a higher elevation, while the Low House launches them from a lower elevation.


3. The Stations:

  • Shooters move through eight different stations arranged in a semicircle.
  • At each station, shooters must hit targets launched from both the High House and the Low House.

How It Works

1. Shooting Sequence:

  • At each station, shooters are required to hit targets launched singly or in pairs (one from each house simultaneously).
  • The sequence and number of targets vary depending on the station.

2. Scoring:

  • Shooters score a point for each target they hit.
  • The goal is to hit as many targets as possible out of a possible 25 in a round.

3. The Gun:

  • Shooters use a shotgun, typically a 12-gauge, designed to shoot multiple pellets in a spread pattern.

Key Skills

1. Concentration:

Shooters must maintain high levels of concentration to track and hit the fast-moving targets.

2. Reflexes:

  • Quick reflexes are essential to react to the targets as they are launched.

3. Technique:

  • Proper stance, smooth gun movement, and timing are crucial for success.
  • Shooters often practice mounting the gun (bringing it up to their shoulder) smoothly and consistently.

The Experience

  • Excitement: Skeet shooting is thrilling because of the dynamic nature of the targets and the outdoor setting.
  • Challenge: It’s a challenging sport that tests both physical and mental skills.
  • Olympic Skeet Shooting is a fascinating and dynamic sport that combines precision, speed, and concentration. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced shooter, it offers a unique and rewarding experience. By understanding the basics, you can appreciate the skill and dedication required forJosh to excel in this Olympic discipline.