Opie Infrastructure

Road Barriers

Opie Infrastructure manufactures, coats and installs a wide variety of road barriers, suited to a wide variety of applications and project scopes.


Our vertically integrated supply chain means we can manufacture, assemble and install a variety of bridge structures for both small and large scale projects.

Street Furniture

Opie Infrastructure designs, manufactures and installs a wide variety of street furniture ranging from chairs, public transport stops, art installations and more.


Opie Infrastructure can design, manufacture and install a wide variety of steel products suited to any project scope, from public transport to custom applications.

Civil Engineering

Opie Infrastructure provides a diverse range of services across the civil construction industry specialising in residential, industrial and commercial.


Opie Infrastructure is adopting the latest in technology such as LIDAR & UAV technology to provide highly details maps and surveys of projects, for a fraction of the cost and time.

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