News-Header-Ute-600x300The Laser & Press FPV BA Ute is now up and running with a new engine built by Insight Motorsports.

For the moment, power is “only” 770hp ATW with boost limited to 16 psi for the run-in tune.

The Insight Motorsports-built engine features twin GT35R turbos mounted on custom manifolds with EGT sensors. The internals have been upgraded to handle more stress and include Carillo rods.

The twin-turbo engine is supported by virtually the entire MoTec catalogue, including M800 ECU, CDI-8 ignition module, E888 Expander, PDM (Power Distribution Module), LTC (Lambda to CAN module) and ADL3 Advanced Dash Logger.

Copious amounts of E85 are injected into the engine in precise quantities by the 8 ID2000 injectors. Once the bugs have been ironed out and the engine is run-in, the current combination is expected to exceed 1000hp, which is the goal. Stay tuned!