Opie Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

When you work with us, rest assured, you are working with experts in the building and construction industry.

By working with Opie Manufacturing Group, you will benefit from:

  • Australian made and quality selected imported products, all managed under our ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation rating
  • Quality products made with innovative new technology, operated by an experienced and skilled team
  • Design assistance to quickly modify and update products using the latest 3D computer modelling software. No drawings or files for your parts are required. Opie Manufacturing Group’s imaging machines can produce CADdrawings from flat, opaque materials and components where no drawings exist.
  • Imaging machines measure the dimensions of flat opaque materials such as sheet metal, paper, wood, polymers, cloth and cork. A CAD file is then created and then converted into a finished part.
  • Our systems can be used to convert pictures, CAD drawings or hand drawings into digital DXF files, which can then be accurately cut on our diverse range of machinery.


Environment Guarantee

At Opie Manufacturing Group, we use the highest quality grade stainless steel products for long lasting guarantee and low life-cycle costing.

Consumer safe and 100% recyclable, we recycle all of our scrap metal, with zero wasteby-products and no dangerous emissions, for a cleaner future.


Investment in Technology

Opie Manufacturing Group’s philosophy is to invest in the latest and most advanced machinery to ensure a quality output with unmatched turnaround times.

“Our investment in technology promises a quality and cost-effective solution for your next project.”

Tristan Opie, Managing Director.

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Feedback from Customers

“We sincerely thank you for all…”
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