OPIE Manufacturing Group Doubles Cutting Efficiency with the FOM Blitz Alva 500 cutting in aluminium.

In the world of metal fabrication and engineering, time is as precious as the materials we cut, shape, and finish. Every second shaved off a process can mean significant savings in time and cost, not to mention an increase in production capacity. That’s why at OPIE Manufacturing Group, we’ve constantly move our production lines capability

The Challenge in cutting aluminium:

Cutting aluminium presents a unique set of challenges, distinct from those encountered when cutting steel, despite aluminum being a softer metal. Understanding these differences is crucial for any engineer or metal fabricator aiming for precision and efficiency in their projects. Here’s why aluminium can more difficult to handle:

  • Heat Transfer: Aluminum’s excellent heat conductivity means that the heat generated during the cutting process can quickly spread throughout the material. This rapid heat distribution can lead to warping or even melting of the aluminum if the heat isn’t properly managed. Steel, in contrast, conducts heat less efficiently, which results in more localised heating during cutting and less risk of material distortion.
  • Gumming: Due to its low melting point, aluminium has a tendency to adhere to cutting tools. This “gumming” effect can lead to uneven cuts and significantly reduce the lifespan of the blades. Steel’s higher melting point means it’s less likely to stick to the cutting tools, making it easier to achieve clean cuts and prolonging blade life.
  • Reflectivity: The reflective nature of aluminum poses a specific challenge for laser cutting methods. Traditional lasers can struggle to produce precise cuts on aluminum because the light is reflected away from the material. Steel, absorbing laser light more effectively, is simpler to cut cleanly with laser technology.

The OPIE Solution is the: FOM Blitz Alva 500

Introducing the FOM Indsutrie Blitz Alva 500, a double-headed aluminium saw known for its precision and speed. This Italian made machine has been a game-changer for us, and here’s why:


FOM Industie  Blitz Alva 500.

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  • Double the Cutting Power: With two cutting heads operating simultaneously, we’ve effectively doubled our cutting capacity. This means we can deliver projects in half the time it used to take, significantly increasing our throughput.
  • Precision and Versatility: The FOM Blitz Alva 500 allows for cutting angles from 22.5° outwards to 90°, thanks to its pneumatic cylinders with mechanical stops for intermediate angles. This level of control and flexibility ensures that we can meet any project specification with precision.
  • Large Cutting Length: With options for cutting lengths of 4,000 mm, 5,000 mm, and 6,000 mm, we can handle large-scale projects with ease, reducing the need for multiple cuts and ensuring consistency across all pieces.
  • Renowned Reputation: The FOM Blitz Alva 500 comes from a lineage of high-quality, durable, and reliable machinery. Its reputation in the industry gave us the confidence that we were investing in a solution that would not only meet but exceed our expectations.

By choosing the FOM Blitz Alva 500 for our customers aluminium fabrication needs, we at OPIE Manufacturing Group have effectively doubled our cutting efficiency, overcoming the inherent challenges of working with aluminium and setting a new standard for precision and speed in the industry with the the FOM Blitz Alva 500 Oleopneumatic advanced  tungsten carbide blades Opie Group always has the cutting edge! .

 A Future Built on Efficiency and Precision

For engineers and metal fabricators looking to stay ahead in a competitive industry, the FOM Blitz Alva 500 represents a leap forward in technology and efficiency. 

In the end, it’s not just about the machines we use; it’s about how we use them to push the boundaries of what’s possible in metal fabrication. The FOM Blitz Alva 500 has allowed us to do just that, and we look forward to the future innovations that will continue to shape our industry. Book a call that fits your schedule

Even our off cuts look good!

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